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Ron Ross

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Ninety-two percent of Americans believe in God. Why? Because the evidences of a Creator God are immediately available to anyone with an open mind willing to consider them. Evidence 1: The intricacy of creation. Have you noticed that it appears that nearly everything on earth has a purpose? How did that happen? Logic tells the honest mind that “things” display intention, they have a reason to exist or they would not be here. These “things” also require a designer who had incredible intellect and calculated will. The earth itself is the most obvious witness of a creator God. If the earth were any closer to the sun, the earth would burn up. If it were any farther away from the sun, it would freeze. The earth’s axis gives us seasons and if there was no tilt, the equator would burn up from direct sunlight and radiation and turn it to an arid desert. If the earth were t... (more)

Nine Signs You Might Be Arrogant

“He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen just to hear him crow.” – George Eliot Ask someone who they would rather spend time with, an arrogant person or a self-confident person and their answer will be quick and easy. No one likes to be around an arrogant person. There are nine easily recognizable clues that you might be arrogant that I have compiled. Follow with me and see if any of these apply to you. I must confess that as I wrote these, more than once I had to pause and admit, Ron, you are talking about yourself. So please, don’t think I am writing these from some ... (more)

Trinkets or Treasures

Jack’s Drive-Inn in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1958 was not anything like the fancy diners and ice cream stores we Dad’s 172 looked something like this! now have. It was a large added on section of a house that stuck out into a parking lot that could hold not more than four or five cars. Jack made hamburgers, French fries and perhaps the world’s best malted milk. On a hot, muggy afternoon not far from the Missouri River there was nothing better than a malted milk at Jack’s Drive-Inn. I was in the ninth grade at time and my father was the pastor of a little church on the south side o... (more)

I’d quit my church if…

Flipping through the channels the other day I stopped briefly to watch a tattoo-covered “artist” rap about abusing women and hating cops while he grabbed his genitals to the fast beat of loud noise pretending to be music. His appearance was disgusting, the lyrics depraved, and his music was awful, but that’s not what upset me. What activated my indignation was what was hanging around the guy’s neck – a great big gold cross. Nothing the so-called artist said or did had anything to do with the meaning of this most sacred symbol of Christianity. Rappers and other performers are not... (more)

Citizen Journalism Studied Around the World

Citizen Journalism Studied Around the World Citizen journalism, once the butt of jokes by professional journalists, is now studied by over 51 major universities around the world. The website www.academia.edu (who’s researching what?) recently posted a list of major universities where citizen journalism is being taught, studied or researched on some level. Here’s the link to their list: http://www.academia.edu/People/Citizen_Journalism. As Catalyst-in-Chief of the National Association of Citizen Journalists, I’m pleased to see that some J-schools now recognize the role that John an... (more)