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“Have a good one!” the clerk said to me as I walked toward the door after my purchase. I thought to myself, “Have a good what?” Of course I knew what she was talking about: she wanted me to have a good day. So, how do you go about “having a good one” with all the trials and tribulations of everyday life? Here are seven quick tricks I came up with for myself because I really do want to “have a good one.” Look good. “Having a good one” starts early in the day. I don’t care if the latest fad on TV and the movies is a man with a 3-day beard dressed like a vagrant. Scruffy look, unwashed face, unkempt hair, unbrushed teeth and sloppy dress means you are having a bad day even before you leave your house. Good grooming is an essential part of communicating confidence to yourself and to others. To look good starts with you face, but it ends with the way you dress. Wear n... (more)

Five Kinds of News Stories for Citizen Journalists

Five Kinds of News Stories for Citizen Journalists “I want to be a reporter, but I don’t know what to write about!” was the comment from a young lady in an audience I spoke to recently. Her dilemma prompted me to start work on my next book tentatively titled, “1001 News Story Ideas for Citizen Journalists.” Though the project has only begun, I do have a preliminary outline for the book. I got the outline from a 1978 magazine article by Paul Swensson reprinted in an old book* I picked up at a used bookstore recently. Swensson was a former newspaperman, journalism professor and new... (more)

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Citizen Journalist?

Citizen Journalism on Ulitzer If you’re seeking wealth and fame, journalism might not be your best choice. No one enters the field to get rich, and only a few ever become famous. An entry-level journalist will barely earn enough to survive if a job is even available in today’s shrinking journalism job market. Even experienced beat reporters don’t live in the rich part of town. The only people receiving truly handsome wages in the news media today are celebrity journalists seen on network and cable television news stations. Fame is also elusive for most journalists. Only a few becom... (more)

Citizen Journalism Websites You Might Want to Imitate

Here are three examples of citizen journalism websites you might want to imitate: The first example comes from the UK - a blog called BloodandProperty http://bloodandproperty.blogspot.com/. This blogger was brought to my attention by UK Guardian blogger Dave Hill (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/davehillblog/2010/mar/16/guardian-top-london-bloggers-blood-and-property-hackney)  who refers to him (or her?) as "a Londoner who is inquisitive, persistent, literate, sane, interested in local issues and very interested in politics." Hill has added BloodandProperty to his list of Top Londo... (more)

'Hungary to Regulate All Media'

The Wall Street Journal online edition shouted the above headline just as 2010 ended. The lead paragraph says the government will regulate all media "directed at or published in Hungary" including "Internet news portals and web-based publications." This hostile act against their own people will leave Hungary weaker, more isolated and their citizens closer to total enslavement. I suppose this is exactly what the ruling class had in mind when it acted so shamefully. My heart goes out to the good people of Hungary who want and need to know what the gilded roosters in the halls of g... (more)