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Twenty Tips for Lively Living By Dr. Ron Ross The following are ten of the Twenty Tips for Lively Living. Next week the final ten tips! Clear the cobwebs. Sure you have heartaches, bad experiences and grief, but so does everyone else. If you dwell on the dark side of life you’ll never see the light. Clear out the cobwebs and focus on the future. Leave the shadows of yesterday behind and move into a bright tomorrow. Lighten your load. Someone once suggested that we should reduce our possessions by one third every seven years. It’s not so much the “stuff” we have in our closets and garages that crowds out life’s joys; it’s the “stuff” of hard feelings, grudges and bitterness that slows down our journey through life. Expect success. Dream big, plan carefully and work hard. You deserve the very best – expect nothing less. Get energized. An 83 year-old man once showed ... (more)

Nine Reasons Why Senior Citizens Make Great Citizen Journalists

As promised...here are nine reasons why senior citizens offer the fastest and best immediate answer to the shortfall of citizen journalists - There are many of them - and as the Baby Boomers enter retirement years, there will be many more. They are well educated. Senior citizens went through public schools when public schools still focused largely on the three Rs. Many went to colleges, universities, community colleges or are self-educated. US senior citizens are the most educated generation of seniors in the history of the world. They are under-utilized. Retirement no longer mean... (more)

Citizen Journalists are Passionate about Freedom of the Press

Citizen Journalist on Ulitzer The American Revolution produced many notable newspapermen who wrote passionately in support of independence and who injected into their writings the idea of a free press. Many of their writings helped develop the press freedoms that were written into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That is why the United States has been the world leader for press freedom for well over 200 years. The US press earned the title of the “Fourth Estate” because it positioned itself as a watchdog over the government. This privileged press status is unique to the US a... (more)

Helen Crump – Citizen Journalist

Did you know that one of television’s best-loved characters, Andy Griffith’s sweetheart Helen Crump, started out her career as a citizen journalist? In episode 244 (Season 8 – 1967-68) of the popular show it was revealed that Helen Crump, played perfectly by Aneta Corsaut, was a citizen journalist before moving to Mayberry to teach school. Here’s how the story line goes. Andy is at Helen’s house waiting to pick her up for an impromptu date. Helen needed something for her class the next day that she was certain was in an old box she had in a closet. She asks Andy to look through... (more)

Citizen Journalists Have Global Platform for Video News Reports

If you’re a photojournalist or a citizen journalist activist like me, you’ll find it a most interesting website. Have you been to http://www.mayomo.com/ yet? Be sure you have lots of time, because you can get lost for a couple of hours watching fascinating footage from around the world. MaYoMo is short for Map Your Moments. It is a video-centric social network for citizen photojournalists and multimedia news content providers from all around the world.  MaYoMo was one of the first news sources to provide raw video footage of the Haiti earthquake and is increasingly becoming a credib... (more)