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Some years ago I had the privilege of being a judge at a regional Miss America pageant. You probably know that Miss America pageants are not just about beauty but also intellect. Besides the various beauty related events, the contestants were brought before the Judges one at a time to answer any question we asked. One of the judges asked each of the ladies to tell about the most recent book she had read. Many of them had good answers. One of them replied, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. She tried hard to make her discussion of this children’s book seem intellectual, but with each tortured sentence she revealed a shallowness of intellect that destroyed almost any chance of winning the regional rhinestone tiara. Shallowness of intellect results in a life filled with superficialities, trivialities and sentimentalities. A nearly empty mind is useless, miserable, a w... (more)

Where do You Find the God Who Created You?

To answer the question, “Who am I” requires you ask, “Where did I come from?” Many try to answer that question with a genealogical search. That only answers part of the question. A genealogical search may teach you about your ancestors but it does not tell you anything about your origin. Before you were born on earth you were conceived in the mind of God. - Ron Ross Click To Tweet - Powered By CoSchedule Where did I come from? Before you were born on earth you were conceived in the mind of God. Most people know this is true for two reasons: Intellectual observation – the obviou... (more)

Acquire Confidence – A summary of the coming book

The postings on this website are first published as a column in a variety of weekly papers across the USA. Each posting is a portion of a book soon to be published under the title, “Acquire Confidence: What Confident People Do That You Can Do Too!” When the book is complete it will have six sections with several of the columns as a part of each section. The following is a summary of each section: Purpose for Living: Every living person is here for a purpose. While most people spend most of their lives only sucking up air and taking up space, you will notice that self-confident pe... (more)

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Citizen Journalist?

Citizen Journalism on Ulitzer If you’re seeking wealth and fame, journalism might not be your best choice. No one enters the field to get rich, and only a few ever become famous. An entry-level journalist will barely earn enough to survive if a job is even available in today’s shrinking journalism job market. Even experienced beat reporters don’t live in the rich part of town. The only people receiving truly handsome wages in the news media today are celebrity journalists seen on network and cable television news stations. Fame is also elusive for most journalists. Only a few becom... (more)

Citizen Journalist Alert: Beware the Kryptonite

Clark Kent, the mild-mannered crime reporter for the Daily Planet who often appeared as Superman, spent his career avoiding kryptonite, the radio-active element from Superman's home planet, Krypton. Even the slightest exposure to kryptonite would drain Superman of his strength and leave him as vulnerable as any normal human being. If you want to be a super citizen journalist and "leap tall buildings with a single bound" in your career, you too must beware of kryptonite. In your career as a citizen journalist, kryptonite can come in many dangerous and nearly invisible forms. Bew... (more)