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By Ron Ross Anger can be expressed in six common ways. Five of them do not work well. Those five are BLOW OUT, STRIKE OUT, FAKE OUT, SNUFF OUT, and PULL OUT. The best way to deal with anger is to learn how to effectively SPEAK OUT your anger without shouting, cursing, complaining, hiding, punching, seething, or running. Using S-P-E-A-K as an acrostic, here are my suggestions for the appropriate expression of anger. S – SUPERVISE. SUPERVISE YOURSELF FIRST. In every tension-filled encounter, someone needs to be the grown-up. Let that person be you by supervising yourself first. Take control of your emotions, your body, and your tongue. Anger does need to be expressed but in non-threatening ways that do not result in injury to yourself, the person with whom you are angry, or someone’s property. Therefore, it is up to you to suppress (different than repress) your ange... (more)

What Makes a Good Citizen Journalist?

Lots of folks ask us, "What makes a good citizen journalist?"   The short answer is passion. But a good a good citizen journalist needs more than just passion. Six proficiencies that a good citizen journalist needs to develop are: Curiosity. Situational awareness. If you have this quality, it means that at all times you are aware of what is happening around you. Lots of people don’t pay any attention to anything other than what is going on in their tiny world; they can sit through a train wreck or sleep through an earthquake and not know it ever happened. On the other hand, good... (more)

What is Your Beat, Citizen Journalist?

Most aspiring citizen journalists I meet have a favorite topic that interests them and they want to write almost exclusively about that subject. For instance, a good friend of mine writes solely about hunting and fishing in Iowa and Nebraska. Another submits articles to his local newspaper about the activities of his Rotary Club. Another citizen journalist I know submits articles about green issues and the climate change debate. All newsrooms at one time structured things that way; they would assign reporters a certain beat to cover. One would write on business issues, another s... (more)

Citizen Journalists Have Global Platform for Video News Reports

If you’re a photojournalist or a citizen journalist activist like me, you’ll find it a most interesting website. Have you been to http://www.mayomo.com/ yet? Be sure you have lots of time, because you can get lost for a couple of hours watching fascinating footage from around the world. MaYoMo is short for Map Your Moments. It is a video-centric social network for citizen photojournalists and multimedia news content providers from all around the world.  MaYoMo was one of the first news sources to provide raw video footage of the Haiti earthquake and is increasingly becoming a credib... (more)

Write Your Own Stuff

The New York Times is losing more than readers these days. The newspaper once again faces an embarrassing charge of plagiarism by one of its reporters. According to a recent post on Breitbart.com, the Times has opened an investigation on a Wall Street and finance reporter who seemed unable to word his own stories. Zachery Kouwe has been charged with using words virtually cut and pasted from Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and other sources without attribution. The Wall Street Journal alerted the Times of Kouwe’s naughty deeds and the intrigue continues. Breitbart’s full column is ... (more)