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Ron Ross

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Perceive a BETTER you! How you perceive yourself will contribute to or detract from your success and happiness in life. Most people call this self-esteem. They suggest you need a vision of your life as you would like it to be so you can move toward success. They are right; however, consider with me another word-phrase to substitute for “vision.” The word-phrase I prefer is “self-perception”, a concept with greater depth of meaning than vision, self-esteem or self-confidence. What does it mean “to perceive”? According to Dictionary.com “perceive” means “to become aware of, to know, or identify by means of the senses.” And the second definition is, “to recognize, discern, envision or understand.” Its origin is in a Latin word (percipere) which means to “obtain, gather, seize entirely, take possession of,” also, figuratively, “to grasp with the mind, learn, comprehend... (more)

1.7 Better than Vision: Perception

When you were born God endowed you with a unique combination of gifts and talents for a reason. He positioned you at a particular place and at a precise time to complete important tasks only you can do. You have something to offer this world that no one else has. Click To Tweet - Powered By CoSchedule You were born for a purpose; you have something to offer this world that no one else has. What keeps you from discovering and living a meaningful and contented life? Is it the noise and confusion of daily living? Do distractions, temptations, fears and bad habits keep you blinded fro... (more)

Six Super-Duper Resources for Discovering Your Purpose for Living

Built in High School wood shop – 1960. The coffee table I built in wood-shop in the 11th grade has never wanted to be a ladder, dining room table or a boat. It has had one purpose in life, and has been quite content to be a coffee table. OK, I used it once or twice to stand on to change a light bulb, however that did not make it a ladder. But we humans are not inanimate objects like coffee tables or couches or clocks. Our individual purpose for living is more complex and many need help discerning it. Here are six super-duper resources (books) I recommend you read if you need he... (more)

Two Sad Reasons Many Live Boring and Insignificant Lives

There is great potential within you! Yet so many prefer to live only ordinary lives; to live as if each day has no importance and each year can pass without anything significant happening. Why are so many so content to live lives of quiet desperation? Two reasons: Why are so many so content to live lives of quiet desperation? Click To Tweet - Powered By CoSchedule Why do so many people live lives of quiet desperation? First of all, most people do not actively seek meaning in life. They are content to let life happen to them rather than take the effort to make something meaningful o... (more)

Four Cheap and Futile Ways to Acquire Confidence

Google “self-confidence” and you will get three-bazillion web pages that suggest a variety of ways for you to gain self-confidence. Some promise instant self-confidence if you do this or act like that. Common sense tells you nothing as powerful as quiet self-confidence comes once you learn a few tricks and make a few tweaks to your personality. With those few tricks and tweaks you can mask your self-doubt, but somehow through your face or hands or other body language, the truth of your self-doubt leaks out, your mask melts away and you are caught with your confidence down. There ... (more)