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The New York Times is losing more than readers these days. The newspaper once again faces an The New York Times - Embarassed Again embarrassing charge of plagiarism by one of its reporters. According to a recent post on www.Breitbart.com, the Times has opened an investigation on a Wall Street and finance reporter who seemed unable to word his own stories. Zachery Kouwe has been charged with using words virtually cut and pasted from Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and other sources without attribution. The Wall Street Journal alerted the Times of Kouwe’s naughty deeds and the intrigue continues. Breitbart’s full column is available here: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=CNG.4e9dabc2cc4c91405b490a1b8900b36d.e1&show_article=1 The lesson for citizen journalists, not to mention the pros, is simple: WRITE YOUR OWN STUFF. It’s much easier to take the time to word you... (more)

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Citizen Journalist?

Citizen Journalism on Ulitzer If you’re seeking wealth and fame, journalism might not be your best choice. No one enters the field to get rich, and only a few ever become famous. An entry-level journalist will barely earn enough to survive if a job is even available in today’s shrinking journalism job market. Even experienced beat reporters don’t live in the rich part of town. The only people receiving truly handsome wages in the news media today are celebrity journalists seen on network and cable television news stations. Fame is also elusive for most journalists. Only a few becom... (more)

Citizen Journalism Studied Around the World

Citizen Journalism Studied Around the World Citizen journalism, once the butt of jokes by professional journalists, is now studied by over 51 major universities around the world. The website www.academia.edu (who’s researching what?) recently posted a list of major universities where citizen journalism is being taught, studied or researched on some level. Here’s the link to their list: http://www.academia.edu/People/Citizen_Journalism. As Catalyst-in-Chief of the National Association of Citizen Journalists, I’m pleased to see that some J-schools now recognize the role that John an... (more)

Nine Reasons Why Senior Citizens Make Great Citizen Journalists

As promised...here are nine reasons why senior citizens offer the fastest and best immediate answer to the shortfall of citizen journalists - There are many of them - and as the Baby Boomers enter retirement years, there will be many more. They are well educated. Senior citizens went through public schools when public schools still focused largely on the three Rs. Many went to colleges, universities, community colleges or are self-educated. US senior citizens are the most educated generation of seniors in the history of the world. They are under-utilized. Retirement no longer mean... (more)

Citizen Journalists Are Back!

New Media on Ulitzer Newspapers were published from the 1500s to the 1900s, not by professional journalists but by citizen journalists. Now, with the worldwide movement of citizen journalism, THE CITIZENS ARE BACK! The idea of citizens writing the news is not a new one. In fact, it is an idea that is as old as the newspaper itself. There were no professional journalists around 50 BC when Julius Caesar, serving as the First Counsel of Rome, ordered scribes to publish the Acta Diurna, a daily report of governmental activities. There were no professional journalists in the early 1400s... (more)